Trusted document, task and sheets for growing teams

Balsa is an open source knowledge management platform that meets even the most demanding privacy and security standards

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One secure knowledgebase platform. Built for everyone.

Balsa has a solution for every product team, large or small, to finally have 100% data ownership and control over your company data.


Balsa is a knowledgebase where you can store and share your most important documents within the company.

Tasks & projects

From simple listviews to tasks, Balsa provides the simplest solution your project teams can use.

Tables & lists

Keeping a list of your todo items, organizing your client list or just maintain your HR resources is a breeze with Balsa.

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Company-wide collaboration

Securely manage your company knowledge, tasks, tables and more with Balsa, without exposing organizational data to any 3rd parties.

Grow your team

Empower your colleagues and help them document faster - with less email, and fewer meetings.

Security and privacy first

Connect people with company’s private knowledge in a trusted workplace

Focus on what's important

Customize, white label, and adopt according to your requirements

What makes Balsa unique?

Balsa has a solution for every product team, large or small, with 100% data ownership

Hosted on your own servers, supported by us

You own your data, encrypted securely both in transmit and at-rest.

Granular management and audit capabilities

Invite teammates, easily setup access rights, use LDAP to access via an active directory service.

Source code available

Balsa comes with auditable and customizable source code with a company-friendly licensing model.

GDPR & HIPAA compliance

We don't store your data, and cannot reach your data. Your internal company knowledge stays on your servers.


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